Step #1: Surface Preparation

Nothing but the best! We use, distribute, & recommend you use Husqvarna Surface Preparation Tools for your jobs too!

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Step #2: Primer Plus

Inexpensive Primers for your every need, including Fast Set, Clear for over Stains, and Higher Build options! Comes in Pigmented or Clear.

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Step #3: High Performance Epoxy

Get above unsightly blemishes while maintaining good impact & chemical resistance, excellent body! Try Pigmented or Clear!

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Step #4: Urethane Proctectant

Do not forget to top coat all our products to protect from UV & Chemicals, while adding additional Strength. Also Pigmented or Clear!

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About Us:

Epoxy Nation is a brand created to give back to an industry that has been so generous and rewarding to us here at Upstate Increte, Inc.  For over 10 years we perfected our epoxy process from the getting customers to walking off the completed project!  Many of you know, in parallel to this, we have a retail store specializing in learning about materials, products, and accessories.  We then distribute products for trusted and proven vendors in our stores.  This industry is one where learning and perfecting is a part of your every day life.  With that, the products that we use every day, we now offer for sale exclusively in our stores & online!!

In short, we help those in the business of EPOXY COATINGS launch a successful business and absolutely crush it!

We stay current and make sure our product is where it needs to be in regard to performance, price, and safety standards.  This assures you the time to focus 110% on installation and productivity of your business.

We Invest in you!  Your success will be our success and we like to partner with people who 1.  Do the right thing  2.  Have drive & motivation to take their business to the next level  3.  Are always positive, confident, & committed to succeeding

Our Epoxy, Urethanes, & Polyaspartic products at Epoxy Nation are distributed exclusively at our Retail Locations & Online.  We tested and perfected these products for over 10 years and stand behind our products and system.  We trust them so much, our warranty on our installations is, in most cases, 10 years!

It’s a product you can trust and feel good about using.  We stop at nothing less then perfection.  Our system is developed to easily understand and hit the ground running!  Our process, techniques, and products will bring you the edge you need to operate your company and not have to worry! 

Thank you for checking us out!  We encourage you to check out our amazing brand of products, and please take on our system.  We are not automated whatsoever and take pride in answering all our customers, clients, and anyone who interacts with us!  Our dedication to you is honesty, commitment, and communication.  We work had and will always crush it on our end!  Taking ACTION is what we do.  We are here for you!

Erich LaBarr

Chief Operating Officer